Travelling Apartment

1. We believe that three of us are great and more great people are out there.
2. We believe that gatherings and sharing are important to build up something big and meaningful.
3. The world is small but an apartment is smaller.
4. Travelling Apartment has no specific space which it advocates exploring things happened everywhere without limitation.
5. Apartment, to all of us, should be close. Anyone in that should be involved and equal.
6. Travelling Apartment is a non-profit collective.
7. Travelling Apartment is an archive of connections for many possible things, including exhibitions, happenings, gatherings, residencies, screenings, sharing, talks and more.
8. We know that artists are strange. On the one hand we love gathering; on the other hand we love being alone and detached. Even though we form a collective, we should keep no stress and pressure on any task like a job.
9. Travelling Apartment is founded because we want something good to be accumulated, gathered and visible. It is a very casual collective under a serious decision.
10. Travelling Apartment includes only three core people or none: Takayuki Yamamoto, Tang Kwok Hin and Wang Haoran.
11. We believe that we can make good use of the archive and connections to cooperate with more people based on different projects.
12. Three of us are co-founders of Travelling Apartment which we are advisors of one another.
13. Travelling Apartment occasionally make something happened by three of us.
14. Travelling Apartment is very open to receive ideas from the others to make something happened.
15. Each of us can make anything happened on behalf of Travelling Apartment by just one member if we all agree to do so.
16. Travelling Apartment keeps sharing whatever we can.
17. Please approach Travelling Apartment.
18. The first project of Travelling Apartment named “East 44th St, 2nd Ave” has happened between 2014-12-3 to 2014-12-23 in New York.
19. Keep in touch.